OC Makerspace Universal Laser User Group: Tech

OC Makerspace Universal Laser Tech User Group is for proficient users of Illustrator and Laser Systems.
The Group will meet once a month to deep dive into materials and industry topics, live demonstrations, collaborate on projects, show and discuss personal works for feedback and idea sharing.Guests/ non -members are welcome to attend the user group

​Membership cost is $60 each month and include a monthly group meeting, an additional 3 sessions of dedicated Laser time with no additional set up fees, free test cuts and a cut/etch cost of $2 per minute.

Want more Laser time, Go Unlimited! Including all the Benefits of the User Group with unlimited sessions on the Laser Engraver for $125 a month and $2 a minute per cut/etch. 

Looking for a place to host your next class or event? We have the Space and Equipment!

contact us at info@ocmakerspace.org

​If you have an interest in a class or event, please share it with us. We will work to schedule it and contact you with updates. 

May 25th, 5pm-7pm. Open House

Join us at OC Makerspace for an open house night of Laser Cutting and Engraving. Meet Subject Matter Experts for Universal Laser, Industry profesionals, and creative people interested in Laser technology. Show your project and learn about a new application. Come find out more about the OC Makerspace Laser Cutting User Group and Memberships.